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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 3, 2007 - Issue #8  
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This week’s interview is with Tra. Tra is a whirlwind of activity. She is a Cloud Hunter and a warrior. She and her brother, Spec, are from the planet Machoo. Together they are fighting the evil Darkness of Dumbness and his evil minions, the Clouds of Chaos.

Though she’s often going off in a million different directions, Tra decided to sit down with us at the Sarillion Monitor. She brought her Patience Plant Baby, Lotsa to help her stay patient.

Tra, you’re always so busy fighting the Clouds of Chaos. What skills and abilities help you?

I have super strength and I’m courageous, confident, and caring. I don’t let anyone tell me I can’t do anything just because I’m a girl. I trust my gut and my intuition. Action is my motto! I’m very competitive, even against the boys! I’m also very athletic. I practice a very ancient form of martial arts called Waba Fighting. All Idea Seekers on Machoo are skilled in Waba Fighting.

What do you use Waba Fighting for?

I only use Waba Fighting to fight the Clouds of Chaos. This is the code of the Idea Seekers. Only use Waba Fighting on Clouds, not on people.

Everyone says you’re a natural beauty...

Natural beauty? I don’t understand what that means. Grandfather says, “Beauty is as beauty does.” I help people and animals. If you call that a beautiful thing to do then I guess that makes me beautiful. I just want to make a difference. I recently helped a cat at the Wisconsin Humane Society named Captain by asking kids to donate Virtual Points. Everyone was so generous and the donated Virtual Points really helped Captain get better. Go to the Fountain of Giving at the Sarillion Royal Palace to see who we’ll help next.

We’ve noticed you have two Patience Plant Babies. Why two?

Because I need as much patience as I can get. Needa and Lotsa often keep me from reacting to things without thinking. Sometimes my brother Spec takes a long time planning how we should fight the Clouds and it drives me nuts. My Patience Plant Babies remind me that I shouldn’t get upset if I have to wait for something. Instead, I should find something good to do while I wait. While Spec is working on a plan, I can listen to his ideas. With my Plant Babies I know we can beat the Clouds!

Wow, Lotsa. You really do help Tra.

Yes, I do help Tra. I let her know that even though Spec’s planning seems like it takes forever it is important to be patient. In the mean time, she can help others. I also remind her to listen carefully to Spec when he talks about his plans, instead of thinking about what she’s going to do next.

Well, Tra. I bet your getting restless to fight more of the Clouds of Chaos.

Yes, I know everything I do makes a difference. That is why it is so important to keep fighting.


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