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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Maesha, 11, United States

"Hey Skeeter! What r u doing?" asked Skeeterís Hope Plant Baby, Janice.

"Iím trying to plant this big tree to take the CO2 out of the air. What about u Janice?"

"Actually, Iím not doing anything. I was looking for something to do" replied Janice.

"Great! You could help me!" Skeeter said.

"With what? I can't lift the tree! It's too big!" Janice was taken aback.

"True, but you can clear the Sloth Cloud away and the people from Idea Seekers wonít be lazy anymore!" Skeeter was really excited and hopeful.

"OK. I have hope I can do this," said Janice the hopeful Plant Baby. Janice floated away towards the Cloud.

"No! Donít go into the Cloud!" Skeeter yelled.

"Iím not!" Janice yelled back. When she got near enough, she blew and blew and blew. She managed to blow a little piece away. Then it grew back.

"Oh thatís how you want it?" Janice said to the cloud.

"Janice! Look!" Skeeter yelled cupping his hands on his mouth. They looked and saw...

Could it be? More Plant Babies coming to help! They saw Confidence, Humor, and all the other Plant Babies. They all worked together and blew the cloud away. Then, the people weren't lazy anymore! They all worked together to lift the heavy, big tree and plant it. Then, they all planted some more trees and flowers and plants. The city was saved from CO2! Write Me A Story

Shannon, 11, United States

"Pew, what's that smell, Peter?" Milly the Morning Dove asked his friend, Peter the Persistent Pigeon.

Yawning, the weary bird answered, "Air pollution."


"Air Pollution!" squawked the angry bird. "Sorry, I'm a little tired."

"Well, out there in the country, I never smelled this rank stuff!" chirped Milly.

"Well, we do live in a Factory... but I never remembered smelling this!" Pete Squealed.

"What goes on in there?" Asked Milly.

"We' re perched on a conveyer belt. Fly your life!" shouted Peter.

The two flew out of the factories window and perched on op of a billboard.

"Wow. This place looks terrible!" Milly exclaimed.

There were clouds of black smoke everywhere and on the streets there were people wheezing and coughing.

"It looks like we're in a cloud. Not a rain cloudÖ" Peter didn't finish.

"Good, I hate rain clouds. They get my feathers all wet," said Milly.

"An air pollution cloud you idiot! That's the worst kind of cloud there is."

"Oh, okay, let's get them! You know the people who did this," Milly barked back.

The two friends pulled plugs in the factory and the world was back to normal.



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