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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 7, 2010 - Issue #80  
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Kimma Clouded by Angry Cloud; King and Queen Missing!

January is the Month of Hope on Sarillion, as the Pleethars (the blue-skinned natives of Sarillion) and other people living on the planet look forward to a brand new year! But this year's Month of Hope isn't going very well. Princess Kimma has come down with Angry Cloud sickness, and no one is quite sure why!

Idea Seeker Cloud Hunter Spec, one of Kimma's best friends, has been trying to figure out what's bothering Kimma. He even took a trip to the Palace to speak to her parents, King Daveau and Queen Keyara--but Spec has discovered that they are missing! Yes, the King and Queen are nowhere to be found. No one knows where they are!

Is this the reason for Kimma's anger? Because it's the Month of Hope, Spec has organized a Training Mission for all of Sarillion's Teams. Spec asks everyone to power up their Hope Plant Babies and get ready to use them against Angry Cloud! For more, check out our exclusive interview with Spec in this week's About an Idea Seeker!

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