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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 21, 2010 - Issue #81  
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King Daveau and Queen Keyara return!

The people of Sarillion were thrilled to learn that their rulers, King Daveau and Queen Keyara, have returned to Sarillion! Their mysterious disappearance two weeks ago was the result of a secret mission to the planet Zador, where Angry Cloud had been up to no good. (To learn more about why the King and Queen had to hide their mission from Princess Kimma, check out their interview in this week's About an Idea Seeker!)

Now that the King and Queen have returned and explained to Kimma why they had to leave, they plan to make it up to her by throwing a huge birthday party in her room in the Palace! Kimma, as well as the entire site, has a birthday in February. But with Angry Cloud defeated, Gluttony Cloud has moved in to start trouble! Gluttony Cloud wants to convince the King and Queen to supply food for the party that is not only unhealthy, but was grown in environmentally harmful ways (for example, the King's servants nearly bought several packages of Zador Hot Dogs that were not made from grass-fed beef! Cows fed with grass instead of corn are healthier and the grass causes less damage to the environment).

Can King Daveau and Queen Keyara resist Gluttony Cloud's influence? Play this week's Training Mission and help them fight Gluttony Cloud sickness!

Sarillion Monitor

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