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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   January 21, 2010 - Issue #81  
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King Daveau and Queen Keyara

About an Idea Seeker - King Daveau & Queen Keyara

King Daveau and Queen Keyara, the one question everyone's wondering is: where have you been?

King Daveau: We had gotten word from our friends in the royal family on Zador that Angry Cloud had been on a rampage all over the planet! They needed help, and as Master Idea Seekers, we had to go lend a hand.

Queen Keyara: I really do feel bad for Kimma, though. We weren't able to let her know that we'd be back in only two weeks, so she was very angry at us at first.

So why weren't you able to tell her where you were going?

King Daveau: First, it was a distraction. With everyone on the planet wondering where we were, each of the Clouds of Chaos thought that someone else on their team had captured us! It was a great distraction as we sped to Zador to fight Angry Cloud.

Queen Keyara: Also, it was the perfect opportunity to give our dear daughter an Idea Seeker test. With us not around and without Kimma knowing where we were, could she fight off Angry Cloud sickness on her own? It took her a while and she needed the help of her friend Spec and several other Idea Seekers, but she did it, and we're very proud of her!

How did Kimma feel when she saw you again?

Queen Keyara: Oh, of course we were all overjoyed! Kimma was thankful that her Hope Plant Baby helped her remember to keep positive and look toward the future, and there we were waiting for her. Keeping her faith and hope close to her paid off!

King Daveau: Now we're looking forward to her birthday celebration in the next few weeks. We feel like we owe her one after putting her through such a trial, so we're going to make it up to her with a big party in her room with decorations and food! You'll all be invited, of course!

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