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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

So Tra, what do you think about the new SunPower Foundation Center of Learning?

It's so much fun! Just the other day Kimma and I went playing in the fountain and got all wet. It was hilarious! I especially think the solar panels that power the fountain are really cool. If you step in front of them, it blocks the sun and it turns the fountain off! That's neat!

What's neat about it?

It teaches about how we can use the sun's light to power things, and that's really important. I think it's great that the water fountain is run on sunlight and not something gross and harmful to the environment like gasoline or something. Yuck!

Have you been in the theater yet?

Yep! I've gone through and watched all the videos that SunPower provided in there-really fun and educational! I learned a lot. I have a question for you, though-what's the deal with the big "Coming Soon" tarp out by the fountain? What's behind there?

Well, we're not sure, but we've been told it's something else that will run on sunlight, and it's related to a location on Earth! That's all King Daveau has told us.

A location on Earth? Wow, that could be something really exciting then! When do we get to find out?

King Daveau just said it's "coming soon." So, Tra, if we could change the subject: Valentine's Day is coming up. A lot of people have noticed Kimma and Spec talking about each other. Do you think they have any Valentine's Day plans?

Hahaha! Oh, jeez, I wish they would, but I doubt it! Spec talks about Kimma all the time, and Kimma talks about Spec, but when they get in the same room, it's all business. "How are we going to fight Proud Cloud?" and all that. It's kind of annoying. They should just tell each other! It's Valentine's Day after all, right after Kimma's Birthday! If Spec doesn't do something really special, he's hopeless, haha!

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