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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Alicia Sad - Age 14 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

This is just cruel to those animals. That is the reason we have Global Warming in the world. All the land that they are using is the cause of the extinction of the animals just like the polar bears are going to extinct because of the global Warming and that is because of the pollution of the air and the world. Think about the animals and not of yourself. It is ok to think about yourself but dont be that greedy and let the poor animal die . If u want ur kids to c the animals that u have seen, then think about them and dont pollute or take their homes where they belong and think if it was the opposite.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Silana Inn - Age 10 - Team Yellow Crane - From AUSTRALIA

The crane has a long, graceful neck and lives near the water. The crane was thought to have fighting skills such as flying, along with the tiger, monkey, mantis and viper. The panda was one as well. Their feathers are mostly gray but some are in different shades. Some of them might even have a red dot on their head. Their beak is to catch fish. The crane also flies beautifully.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Mickey - 10 - UNITED KINGDOM

The story continues from this beginning:

Skeeter is teaching Dumonde and Riley how to make musical instruments out of recycled materials so they can write a song for Kimma's birthday! But Riley and Dumonde are having a tough time putting the instruments together. "Arrgh! This is a waste of time. We'll never get it done," Dumonde says. "Yeah, let's go play basketball instead," Riley responds. Uh oh! Sounds like Sloth Cloud is making Dumonde and Riley give up! Can Skeeter use a Persistence Plant Baby to keep them at it? Write the rest of the story.

"Oh come on, this is for Kimmas Birthday!" said a persisstant Skeeter. The others try to make a run for it but Skeeter throws them a challenging question. "What do you think Kimma will say, shell think we dont care! Any way this is ludicrouse there is no way that im going to persuade you, you go of and play!! I'll get all the credit for this". This left the others stunned! They didnt seriousely think that he could do this all by his self! He had secretly hidden a Persistence Plant Baby to help him. Luckley he was right he had mananged to persuade them and Kimma birthday was saved!!! Write Me A Story


The Lonely Valentine

One day there was a girl named Angelica Valentine. She had no friends, except for her cat Muffy who hardly comfort's her. She went to school. Whenever she's at school, people always made fun of her. She was a very lonely girl with no one to talk to. It was the month of February and everyone was excited because Valentine's Day was in two days, even Angelica was happy.

Then one afternoon two girls named Tara and Sierra remembered that Angelica's last name was Valentine, so they decided to use her and make her popular just to get dates to the "Valentine's Day Dance". They felt so glad that they decided to make Angelica popular at that particular moment. Angelica was so happy, that she ran home and planned out the nicest outfit for Valentine's Day, and made Valentine's Day cards for Tara and Sierra to give to their dates, but hers was already finished. The day went very good, but not the next.

The next day everyone was screaming and laughing, because tomorrow was the big day. The Valentine's Day finally came and everyone was dressed up nicely, even Angelica. Everyone got Valentine's Day cards from a boy, but not Angelica. When she went to put her purse in her locker, she found that she also had a secret admirer. He sent her flowers and a big Valentine's Day card. While everyone was dancing they were calling the king and queen. To Tara and Sierra's surprised Angelica was queen and Jason, who was her secret admirer, was crowned king. Then she became known as the Valentine girl.

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