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Sloth Cloud

About an Idea Seeker - Sloth Cloud

[Note: This week's "About an Idea Seeker" was scheduled as an interview with Skeeter about the new Gardens being created by King Daveau, but he never arrived for the interview! In his place, we were joined by an uninvited guest-Sloth Cloud!]

Sloth Cloud! Wh-wh-what are you doing here? We were supposed to have an interview with Skeeter!

*Yawn* I'm afraid he won't be able to make it...he's a little too tired right now. Ha ha ha!

You mean you clouded him with Sloth Cloud sickness, don't you? How dare you!

Hey, if you want to assume that, you go right ahead...I'm not gonna work to change your mind. I hate work! Ha!

*sigh* Well, you're here now. What do you want from us?

I just thought everyone who reads your silly little paper would want to know that all this talk about cleaning up the planet is nonsense. Who needs to spend that kind of time just to get ready for some silly gardens? You can plant a seed next to a stack of newspapers.

Um, can't. When you leave garbage around your garden it can block sunlight and waste can seep into the ground-

BAH! What do you know, anyway? Don't listen to these guys, readers...they're lying! Just let someone else clean it up. Why should you do all the work?

But if we're lying, why are you now saying that someone else should clean up the trash?! Quit trying to trick me! This interview is over! Sorry I spoiled your interview with that Skeeter kid, and by "sorry" I mean I'm not sorry! HA!

[Um...sorry about that folks. We'll try again with Skeeter in the next Monitor!]

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