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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 15, 2010 - Issue #87  
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Idea Seekers Gardens sprout all over Sarillion!

King Daveau's Idea Seekers Gardens are now open! Proud Cloud and Sloth Cloud's attempts to thwart the planning of the Gardens were in turn foiled by the hard work of Idea Seekers and Allies in the last two Training Missions! Now every Idea Seeker and Ally can use their Garden to grow plants and use them to make healthy, nutritious Snaptastic Foods that are so tasty, they make everyone dance with joy!

But the evil Darkness of Dumbness hasn't given up trying to cause trouble! He's sending Jealousy Cloud to cause infighting among the Idea Seekers and Allies. She thinks she can get everyone to fight over whose garden is better! And Gluttony Cloud is on a mission to distract Idea Seekers and Allies from their healthy, yummy SnapTastic Foods with fatty, sugary snacks! Fortunately, King Daveau has launched a new Training Mission to fight back! Check out the new Mission today and take the fight to the Clouds!

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