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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Melita Fox - Age 11 - From CANADA

People should help out around the animal's habitat and keep invasive species away. They should also build a different habitat for the invasive species. That way they won't invade the wetlands and drive the animals away from their natural habitats. The animals need help and this is my opinion on how to help help them and their habitats.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Caitie Jet - Age 8 - Team Red Penguin - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

pengins are getting more and more instict.because of globol warming. how is this posible? elictrisity is the problem. the earth gets more and more heated when you use elicstrisity. that causes the ice to melt.pengens are depending on you, to save thire home. kids unite!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Lilly - 11 - CANADA

The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde and Tra are trying to teach Kimma how to start her own organic garden in the Palace Courtyard! Growing your own vegetables is healthier, saves money, and saves fossil fuels because you're not buying produce that was shipped using gas and oil. But Kimma's not interested! "My parents can ship in food from all over Sarillion. Why should I work to grow my own food?" Sounds like Sloth Cloud has had an effect on Kimma! Could a Persistence Plant Baby help? Write the rest of the story.

No it could not help now you get off your lazy butt and come and do your own work .But i can't and it's lame stupid and boring. No it's not and stop talking about yourself. Oh dry Tra said. Your not lame stupid or boring Dumonde said while laughing. Im tired im taking a nap. Watever Tra said.YAWNNNNNN!!!!!!

Oh were are we. We are in mission tunnel. Whats mission tunel Kimma asked? No questions just follow Tra said. Hey whats that over there Dumonde asked. Well lets go see Kimma said. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW whats that on your forhead Kimma asked. Oh it's my moms leftover food from her teeth. She gave me a kiss i guess it got on my head yumm yumm yumm Dumonde said as he started eating it. Ring, ring, ring

Dumonde: Hello

Mom: hey hun

Dumonde: oh hi

Mom: what are you doing

Dumonde: Oh nothing im just eating the food from your teeth

Mom: isn't it good

Dumonde: excelent

Mom: ok hunn gotta go talk to ya later bye

Dumonde: bye mom


was that your mom Kimma asked?

Noooo it was his animal friend Tra said sarcasticaly.

Hey look i found some shinny things Tra said.

It's treasure you idiot Kimma said.

I knew that i wanted to see if you got any dummer.

HA,HA,HA,HA Dumonde said. Put the shut to the up ok Kimma said

Well at least we know you could speak sence Tra said.

Ok let's get a move on Dumonde said.

Hey a horse. Well c'mon let's go see if we could get a lift get i lift.

Not funny Tra said.


Im tired Kimma said.

We know Tra said.

How do you know Kimma asked.

Beacause your always staying up late at night trying to make up jokes that make sence .Anyways let's go home ok everyone a greed.


OH MY GOSHH is that spider man

No it's BIG FOOT RUNN!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! I can't breath Kimma and Dumonde said.

Then go outside and get some air Tra said laughing her head off.

We made it we made it home.

No we made it back to the jungle Tra said obiously sarcasticaly.

Kimma wake up Kimma wake up wake up wake up wake up.

Huh MOM!!! Tra Domonde are you ok. Yes were fine the question is are you ok?

Yeah im fine when did we get home.

you never left Domonde said.

Then i was dreaming.

UM..... yeah.

Go and do the guardening please oh yes i would love to.

Then EVERYONE started to laugh. Write Me A Story


My name is Chris and our music teacher is going to have a spring party with the group The Rolling Stones. Well, everyone is happy about a party that's going to have jellybeans, every ones favorite snack. Two days before the party and the music teacher has the Rolling Stones coming and everything else planned out. All the kids are planning to do something that no teacher would approve of. Well today's the day for the party.

The Rolling Stones are playing and all of a sudden, jellybean fight. Everyone was throwing jellybeans, as you probably would know that's the thing that they were planning. Well, the teacher surprisingly didn't get mad. We had the best spring party ever!

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