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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   April 28, 2010 - Issue #88  
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About an Idea Seeker - Spec

Spec, what gave you the idea for this new video contest?

Well, my sister Tra had a nasty run-in with Jealousy Cloud just a few days ago. When King Daveau said that he wants us all to design theme gardens, Tra started working on hers, but our friend Riley caught Jealousy Cloud sickness and totally trashed her garden!

Oh no! What did she do?

After she found me and my Gratitude Plant Baby, we cleared Riley's head and convinced him to help us clean it up! She's just about got it back to normal now. But it gave me a great idea! I thought if I got everyone to concentrate on their own special kind of theme garden, everyone could see how creative their friends are!

That's a great idea! Are you giving away any prizes?

It's part of the Training Mission, so the winning entry will get 2000 Team Points and 2000 VPs! I think if your readers go to the Special Feature, they can learn more, right?

Absolutely, Spec! Readers: Click the arrow to move on to the Special Feature and learn more!

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