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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 12, 2010 - Issue #89  
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About an Idea Seeker - Dumonde

Dumonde, tell us how Riley's doing with his schoolwork.

Well, I don't live very far from Skeeter and Riley, so I've been heading over to their house after school to give Riley extra help. But he's way behind!

What subjects has he been struggling in?

He's having trouble in Math, Geography, and-get this-Gym! He's missed so many gym classes that he has to attend some makeup periods!

What's he been doing that's caused him to miss so much?

Believe me, it's not that he's been lazy. He's been working hard as an Idea Seeker, helping fight Clouds, grow his Garden...he has all sorts of important duties! He just needs to learn how to balance that with school.

Sounds like this calls for Balance Plant Babies!

Haha! You said it! Skeeter and I are powering ours up! We're powering up our Persistence Plant Babies too. Riley needs a little of both! I hope everyone helps us out with the Training Mission this week in order to help Riley pass to the next grade!

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