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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 12, 2010 - Issue #89  
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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Rikka Roshi - Age 10 - From EGYPT

i really dont want people dumpin their garbage into the wetlands and i really think its time to STOP doin guys can you halp by not dumpin youre garabage into the wetland or ask youre parents where does youre garbage go and maybe you could suggest something.......HELP SAVE OUR PLANET. SAVE OUR WATER,ELECTRICITY,ENERGY AND MOST OF ALL OUR ANIMALS!!!

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Gloo Cookie - Age 12 - Team Purple Koala - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

Koalas have to eat a special kind of leaf called eucolyptis and they usually live in those trees so that it's easier for them to get to their food! :)

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Lisle Zest - 8 - FINLAND

The story continues from this beginning:

This week is the annual Sarillion Day festival! Skeeter and Riley want to fill Skeeter's House with SnapTastic Foods, but Dumonde keeps eating them all! The Idea Seekers can't have a dance party if Dumonde keeps eating all the SnapTastic Foods! Gluttony Cloud has control of Dumonde's mind! Could [YOUR TEAM NAME] help Skeeter and Riley with a Balance Plant Baby? Write the rest of the story.

This week is the annual Sarillion day festival! Skeeter and Riley want to fill Skeeter's House with SnapTastic foods, but Dumonde keeps eating all the SnapTastic food! "Dumonde, dont eat them all!" My team friends shouted. One of the team friends named Floria Wrist said: "Skeeter and Riley, i think Dumonde has Gluttony Cloud sickness!" And She was right! Dumonde eated so much food he even did't stop! Then Siki Room comed near me." Lisle, i think we have a double Problem!" Siki Room said to me! I said "how?" "because look at Skeeter and Riley!" Siki room said. and i looked,i saw a orange cloud on Riley's and Skeeter's head. "your right!" i said to Siki Room. "Everyone get a Balance Plant Baby!" i shouted. it was a problem, Skeeter was there. Skeeter sterted runnning at as and my team friends runned all over the place. but then,i runned to get the Balance Plant Baby. Then,i said "catch, Siki Room!" And Siki Room catched it! "Throw it on Skeeter!" I shouted. "ok!" Siki Room said. She throwed the Balance Plant Baby and hited Skeeters' face! "ow!" Skeeter shouted, but then he realised what has happend. Skeeter throwed the Plant Baby at Riley! "Woof!" Riley shouted. He throwed the Plant Baby at Dumonde! "Its a hit!" I said."yeeessss!" my team friends shouted. "Sorry guys!" Dumonde said." It wasent your fault, Dumonde!" I said. "It was Gluttony Clouds fault!" and we haved the best annual Sarillion Day festival ever! Write Me A Story

Lola - 11 - AUSTRALIA

Today was Mother's Day, and Judy was finding it hard to find a gift for her Mom. She decided to brainstorm ideas for a gift. Judy grabbed a piece of paper, a pencil and a magazine for inspiration. Judy quickly got to work.

"Hmm, chocolates, no wait Mom's allergic," thought Judy.

Then the idea struck. A card was the perfect gift. Judy rung up her Dad, "Dad come pick me up, I know what gift to get Mom," said Judy over the phone.

"Yes OK, I will be there in a jiffy," answered Dad.

Judy was soon on the way to the craft shop in the car. Judy arrived and was amazed by everything in the store: glitter, sequins and everything else. Mother's day cards were floating everywhere. Judy paused her emotions when she saw Mom.

"Dad, its mom!" said Judy.

Judy forgot Mom was buying a gift for Granny. Judy had to run out of the shop with dad. Judy had no time to frolic because the only reason she had time before hand was because her mom said she was going to buy granny a card. Judy was home weeping, she had no supplies to make mom's card. Judy had to improvise!

Judy remembered she had some scrap paper from when she made banners for a school event. Judy gathered the paper. She remembered for sewing class she had some buttons, sequins, glitter and stickers. Judy also remembered she hadn't returned her friends color pencils back. You can see where she went with that. There was paste, glitter and sequins everywhere; Judy had created the best Mother's Day card ever. Judy waited for her mother's arrival.

Mom came home, "Mom!" screamed Judy in excitement.

"Judy," replied mom.

Judy hugged mom and gave mom her card.

Her mom was thrilled. "Thank you so much I love it!" said mom. "You didn't need to buy all this to make my card."

"Oh it was nothing," Judy giggled to herself.

"It's the best handmade card ever!" said mom.

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