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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   May 12, 2010 - Issue #89  
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New Holographic Globe in The Tech Museum!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. New this past week in The Tech Museum was a crazy new hologram-a spinning globe that looks just like Earth! When you take the solar-powered port to Earth from the SunPower Foundation Center of Learning, you can see the globe off to the right of the Tower of Power. Click on the globe, and you'll get a series of cool images provided by The Tech Museum! The photos show all sorts of cool information about renewable energy and something else that really concerns Idea Seekers and Allies everywhere-the "Plastic Vortex" in the Pacific Ocean! Head to The Tech Museum and check it out!

Stan Winds and Toli Glade design cool clothes and hair!

Idea Seekers Stan Winds and Toli Glade sent in some suggestions for new Idea Seeker outfits, and listened! Stan designed some cool checkerboard outfits, and Toli suggested haircuts with colored streaks! As a reward, has given Stan and Toli a limited number of their EXCLUSIVE designs to either give away or sell as they see fit! The outfits will eventually end up in Kimma's clothing stores, but for now, you have to ask Stan or Toli for one!

You can get your own exclusive clothing design too! Go to the Reminder's Healing Center and print out the worksheet to design your own Idea Seeker disguises. Send it in and if likes it, they'll make it for you!

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