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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 19, 2007 - Issue #9  
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Idea Seekers Discover new Plot by the Darkness of Dumbness!

Information has been received at the Sarillion Monitor from Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters working in disguise. The Darkness is planning to attack Planet Sarillion with a climate crisis! The Darkness will use Proud Cloud, Sloth Cloud, and Angry Cloud in the attack.

The Darkness despises the peace and harmony of Sarillion. He wants to stop Kimma and her people, the Pleethars, from learning, working together and finding solutions to problems. The Darkness hates when people work together to take action, something the Pleethars do every day. The Darkness is trying to spread stupidity and darkness throughout the universe, and Sarillion is his next target!

According to the Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters, the Darkness will be using his Clouds to cause confusion among the Pleethars and throw off the natural balance between the people, plants and animals of Sarillion.

Idea Seeker Teams are needed to fight the Clouds. Join the Team Challenge! Help Save Planet Sarillion and get a chance to win rewards and honors including an all-expense paid trip to New York to meet scientists and others battling global climate change on Earth.

Get more information about the fight for Planet Sarillion in the other sections of this Sarillion Monitor:

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