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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 19, 2007 - Issue #9  
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This weekís interview is with Spec. Spec and his sister Tra have been sent by the Idea Seeker Council to help Kimma save Planet Sarillion.

Spec is very busy getting information about this attack and has to be careful to make sure he is not captured, but he was able to meet with our Sarillion Monitor reporter in a secret location to talk about the attack and what we can do about it.

Spec, how did you find out about the attack?

We have been fighting the Darkness ever since the people from our home planet of Machoo were struck by Cloud Sickness. We have vowed to keep this from happening to anyone else. Weíve been fighting the Darkness and his Clouds for a long time. We know they are never up to any good even though their lies can seem quite inviting. As Idea Seeker Cloud Hunters we often put on disguises to get into the headquarters of the Darkness to learn more about his plans.

The Darkness was shouting about how much he hates Sarillion and he needs to destroy it. He kept shouting orders to the Clouds about things that will cause a climate crisis. We have to uncover his lies and stop the Cloud Sickness that would make the Pleethers do things to hurt their planet. The Darkness may be evil, but heís not very smart. He didnít realize that Cloud Hunters in disguise like me and Tra could hear him and get the news back to the other Idea Seekers.

Why are you undercover?

Tra and I are in disguise because we do not want to be discovered as the Idea Seekers we are. By being undercover we can find out more details about the attack and send information to the other Idea Seekers.

Why is the Darkness using a climate crisis to attack Sarillion?

A change in the natural balance can cause a lot of damage to the planet. People, plants and animals will be affected. The Darkness despises the peace and harmony the Pleethars have created on their Planet Sarillion. He wants to make everything chaotic, and he is sending the Clouds of Chaos to do his dirty work, as always.

You seem very calm about all this, why arenít you afraid?

I have good direction from the Essence and my Plant Babies help me do the right thing even when the Clouds are trying to attack me or others around me. My Confidence Plant Baby, Mucho, reminds me that I canít let fear cloud me and shut out new ideas or limit my teamwork with others. Working together we can chase the Darkness away.

What can the Idea Seekers do to help fight the Darkness?

They should find a buddy to be on their Idea Seeker Team and fight the Darkness through the Team Challenge. The Team Challenge will require working as a team to learn new things and get creative in sharing knowledge with others. Teams who help fight the Darkness can win rewards and honors - even a trip to New York to hang out with really cool people fighting global climate change on Planet Earth.

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