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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 9, 2010 - Issue #91  
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Oil Spill off Manabel Island! Angry Cloud causes chaos!

A terrible accident has happened off the coast of Manabel Island! An oil tanker has tipped over in the ocean, sending oil gushing everywhere! Rumors persist that Sloth Cloud may have had a hand in this accident by causing the ship captain to fall asleep, but they are unconfirmed. Meanwhile, oil is gushing into the water near Manabel Island!

Efforts to clean up the disaster have been thwarted by Angry Cloud, who has used his Invisible Hate Arrows and Gummy Gooey Anger Globs to make Idea Seekers and Allies so angry about the spill that they stomp and yell and cry without doing anything to help!

Idea Seekers Spec and Tra have teamed with King Daveau and Princess Kimma to organize a Training Mission to take care of Sarillion's animals while this tragedy continues! Help Sarillion's animals and fight back against Angry Cloud!

Sarillion Monitor

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