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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 9, 2010 - Issue #91  
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King Daveau

About an Idea Seeker - King Daveau

King Daveau, I suppose our first question is, why are parts of Sarillion still using oil and other fossil fuels? Why did this spill happen?

Sarillion is working to use renewable resources for power as much as possible! But it's a very long process. Before I came into power, Sarillion had been using costly, dirty fossil fuels for decades. It takes a lot of work to change an entire planet's way of thinking about green energy! So yes, many parts of Sarillion still currently use fossil fuels, but we hope that will no longer be the case years down the road.

So how are you feeling about this oil spill accident off the Manabel Island coast?

I'm sick to my stomach! Thinking about all the poor animals out in the ocean suffering from this has me awake at night. I'm mobilizing all the Idea Seekers and Allies to help as much as possible by doing what they can to help the animals. Meanwhile I'll be working to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Have you investigated why this spill happened? Were any of the Clouds of Chaos involved?

Well, we're not sure yet, but you can never count out the Clouds of Chaos. Sloth Cloud may have caused the tanker pilots to pay less attention to what they were doing, but we won't know until the investigation is complete.

So what can Idea Seekers and Allies do to help?

The animals in the wetlands and other areas affected by the spill need us more than ever! Please play the Training Missions and do what you can for them. We need you, and they need you too!

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