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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Sheena Herb - Age 9 - From CHINA

Purchasing the land is the best choice, animals will not be disturbed much, you have the right to knock down buildings since it is your land, you can recycle the buildings after wards. You can also fill up holes where the buildings were, or fill it with water to make a pond! You can also, after that, plant a tree or two. A few plants will help the animals. But you have to make sure that you aren't doing any stylish things like putting tiles down, or lining a pond with rocks. It will make the land look different and the animals will be uncomfortable and will not likely come back.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Arielle Dance - Age 12 - Team Orange Bird - From KOREA, SOUTH

Birds are winged, warm-blooded, egg- laying, vertabrate animals. They are about 10,000 living species, making them the most varied of tetrapod vertabrates. Some species, particulary song birds are parrots are popular as pets. other uses include the harvesting of guano (droppings) for use as fertiliser. Birds need protection! We must protect them! :)

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

Riley is cramming for final exams before he can get out of school for the summer! While Dumonde helps him study, Skeeter bursts through the door with a basketball. "C'mon, Riley! How can you be studying when it's a beautiful day out? Let's go shoot hoops!" Dumonde sees the blue mist of Sloth Cloud over Skeeter's head, but Riley's tempted to leave his homework behind! Which Plant Baby can Dumonde use to keep Riley on task? Write the rest of the story.

"uh oh-trouble!" Dumonde groaned. "I should have known!" Dumonde called for Riley but he ignored him. Dumonde knew he needed some help getting a plant baby to help Riley catch on with homework instead of playing catch. To Dumonde's luck Kimma walked out the door. "Kimma!" he cried and told her about Riley. Kimma put a finger to her lips. "I think all of them." she answered. "how am i supposed to get all of them?" Dumonde sputtered. "what about some kind of gadget?" Kimma suggested. Dumonde thought it might work. He and Kimma started gathering parts and working. It was hard to do all that work under the unforgiving sun. Soon, the gadget was ready. "you do the honors!" laughed princess Kimma. Dumonde presses the button and all the Plant Babies arrive, almost all. A few were on a trip. Dumonde whispered a plan to the plants and they quickly caught on and took position. "I am Hope!" says Hope when Riley is at her side of the court. "have hope that you can do it!"
"I am Persistence! keep going and you will get it!"
"I am Humor. make things fun and it will be easier."
"have Confidence! you CAN do it!"
"and have Patience. You will get better soon!"
Riley smiled. "I guess you are right. Thanks. So, could you still help with my homework?"
Dumonde smiled and nodded. Together, they could do anything. Write Me A Story


Once upon a time, there was an alien family. There was a mother named Rebecca, a father named Joe and two daughters named July and Vicky, and one brother named Roberto. The alien family was peaceful and happy. One day, Vicky came home with five tickets to Disney world.

Vicky screamed and said, "I won five tickets to a vacation to Disney world."

The mom said, "Ah, oh my gosh were going to Disney world for vacation, lets pack up."

The family packed up and went to Disney world. The family met a guy named Jordan. He was the fastest football player. Jordan said hi to the alien family and left. The alien family loved Disney world. One day when they were in Disney world they found a puppy. They felt bad for the puppy and kept the puppy.

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