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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 23, 2010 - Issue #92  
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Spec and Tra

About an Idea Seeker - Spec and Tra

Spec and Tra, what can you tell us about the recent Proud Cloud and Angry Cloud sightings around the oil spill?

Tra: UGH! It's so frustrating! Whenever a group of people gets together to help clean up the poor, helpless animals, or try to clean up the oil, they all start arguing about the best way to go about it! Then everyone screams at each other and nothing gets done! Ugh! It is SO UNFAIR!

Spec: Woah, woah, watch out, Tra! I know, it's frustrating, but I sense an Angry Cloud mist starting to settle in over you too! If we get too upset about everything and not do anything to help, we'll become Angry Cloud drones too!

Tra: Oh, you're right, brother. You're always right! Good thing I have my two Patience Plant Babies, Needa and Lotsa, to help me keep a cool head!

Spec: I'll admit, they've been a big help to me too!

How can the Idea Seekers and Allies reading this keep from getting clouded while helping with the oil spill?

Spec: If frustration takes hold and Angry Cloud is aiming his Gummy Gooey Anger Globs at you, the best thing to do is keep your Plant Babies powered up so they can remind you of all the good things that keep anger at bay! There are so many Plant Babies that can help fight back against Angry Cloud - Hope, Joy, Patience, Confidence...they're all helpful!

Tra: And PLEASE keep them powered up! We need every Idea Seeker and Ally right now! The oil spill will take some time to clean up, and more importantly, we need help cleaning up all the poor animals that were caught in the spill! Don't give up hope yet, Idea Seekers and Allies! You can still help by fighting back against the Clouds!

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