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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 23, 2010 - Issue #92  
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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Sheena Herb - Age 9 - From CHINA

Community cleanups are best because they help the people work together and make new friends, they would also be happier working at the same thing with their friends too, they will feel the fun of saving the environment and may do it again. These are the reasons why I like community clean ups best.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Tamiko Oak - Age 15 - Team Purple Butterfly - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

The butterfly has many beautiful colors. it sucks nectar like the bees and the humming birds. many are different designs and some have only one color. some are also harmless and some are also harmful.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Lisle Zest - 8 - FINLAND

The story continues from this beginning:

Dumonde has been hard at work trying to design a machine that might stop the oil spill in the Gulf! His parents are very excited about his invention and take it to the government, but they can't believe that an 11-year-old kid can help! Dumonde is very hurt that the adults aren't taking him seriously, and he begins to cry and yell angrily! What can Dumonde's friends, Skeeter and Riley, do to help him fight Angry Cloud? Could a Joy Plant Baby help? Write the rest of the story.

Dumonde has been at work trying to design a machine that might stop the oil spill in the Gulf! His Parents are very excited about his invention and take it to the government, but they can't believe that a 11-year-old kid can HELP! As a few ppl were busy watching Tv, they wouldn't care! "You can't!" "I can!" "You can't!" "I can!" Dumonde was soon arguing with Skeeter. "Say it, you can't do it!" Skeeter cried to Dumonde."I..i...i...can do it!" Dumonde said. "You can't! 'Cause your parents aren't taking care of YOU!" Skeeter said angrily. Oh no,Skeeter has cloud sickness too!

Dumonde jumped on Skeeter and hitted him! Skeeter hitted Dumonde too! This can't be! Riley powered up his Pb the hole, and he hoped this would save his friends. "Here, take my Pb" Riley said kindly. Skeeter hitted Riley's Pb! "It's ok" Riley said. Riley ran away with his Pb. He went to Kimma's house.

Kimma was relaxing in her garden. "Kimma, Kimma!" Riley cried. "What!?" Kimma said lifting her head out of the chair and her sunglases fell out of her eyes to the ground. "Skeeter and Dumonde are fighting!" "I wish i had super powers" Kimma said. "Yea, you should 'cause you are a princess!" Riley said kindly. "Awwww, Riley, you're so nice!" Kimma said. "I forgot to tell you, where they're!" Riley said. "They're now at the Oil station, you know, the place where you buy nature-oil!" "I'll be there in three minutes" Kimma said. And they rushed away. They both bumped to eatch other. They just laughed.

As the guys went inside, Skeeter and Dumonde were rolled into a ball and they're coming right to Kimma and Riley! "Kimma, use your Joy Pb!" Riley cried. And her joy Pb hopped onto the ball. Joy was joying playing Balance or Fall; But the game ended to falling. Joy Pb giggled. "Go on cure 'em!" Kimma said to her Joy Pb. Joy hopped and Dumonde was better in no-time! Skeeter was too busy being bad for Joy to cure him. Then, Skeeter slipped into nature-oil. "Everyone laughed, escpecially Joy. Joy Pb cures Skeeter in no-time; Too." "Let's go enjoy the sun for the job is done and it is fun no one can hate the sun!" Joy singed. "She is a good singer" The friends wispered to eatch other. And they were in the sun for three hours!
The end! Write Me A Story


Ashleigh watched her dad play golf. Her dad adored golf, better than her, she thought, but she couldn't argue today... it was Father's Day and her dad was going to take her to a posh restaurant if she was good. Ashleigh picked up her golf club and tried a crazy golf course. Something sparkled in her eye and distracted her from seeing if she got a hole in one... She walked over to the shiny thing, bent down and gasped. Someone had left a gift card! A gift card to CD World, £50! She had always wanted to go to CD World, the best CD shop ever. She was just about to run off to town when she stopped...

"I'm meant to be nice today," she thought. "And I haven't given daddy a present."

She ran over to her father. "Daddy," Ashleigh said.

Her father stopped playing, "Yes Ashleigh?"

"Well, you know it's your birthday... well, you deserve a little treat..." She paused.

"Yes?" Her father said, smiling.

"Well, I thought you might like this..." She smiled and showed her father the gift card.

Her dad gave a beaming smile. "Oh Ashleigh. This is the best present ever. You are the best girl a man could ask for."

"Oh Daddy," Ashleigh hugged her dad.

Ashleigh and her dad walked to a Pizza restaurant and as they walked did Ashleigh feel regret? No way! She felt warm inside with love and happiness filled her heart.

"So... are you ready to order?"

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