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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   June 23, 2010 - Issue #92  
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All sorts of new clothes available soon!

Hi! I'm Dumonde. Idea Seekers keep sending us really great clothing ideas for Kimma's clothing stores! Some of the most recent outfits include some cool "UK Fan" outfits from Amelie Moon, baseball uniforms from Vic Moon, and a bunch of great fashions from Charlette Wove! Keep an eye out-each of these Idea Seekers has a limited number of their clothes to give away, so maybe you could be the lucky Idea Seeker to get a gift from one of them!

If not, don't worry-all of their clothes will arrive in Kimma's clothing shops on Tuesday, June 29!

To make room for all these great new fashions, Kimma's having a closeout of some older designs. They're listed here. Each item is half price until they leave the stores! Get them now, because once they're gone, who knows when they'll come back?

  • Skeeter's Boy Rocker Hair, Jacket and Guitar, Jeans and Sneakers
  • Skeeter's Girl Rocker Hair, Shirt, Pants, Mic and Sneakers
  • Boy and Girl Machooian Casual Reminder outfits
  • Dumonde's Boy and Girl French Disguises

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