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About an Idea Seeker - Kimma

Kimma, can you explain the change in how many points Garden helpers receive?

Gladly! Whenever anyone helps out a friend's Garden now, there's a whole range of points they may be rewarded with! If you're one of the special helpers of the day, you may earn up to 2000 Virtual Points! Or, you may get none, because after all, helping people can be its own reward. But you'll never know until you do it! That's the fun of it!

Why would you sometimes award no Virtual Points? That seems mean.

Does it? I'm sorry, I don't want to be mean! It's just that it's important to remember sometimes that it's good to help people just for the sake of being helpful! Because you never know-someday you might need help, and you'd want other people to help you, right?

I suppose that makes sense.

It's like my Nana always tells me: "The Essence of Good doesn't cost money, but it's not free." To find the Essence in yourself and to fight the Darkness, you have to want to do good deeds because they're good to do! When you help save the animals from Manabel Island's oil spill, the animals don't have any money to pay you back, do they?

No, but they sure are happy when we save them.

Exactly! Find the Essence of Good within you and your friends by doing good deeds every day!

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