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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Adriana Rant - Age 15 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

i think we should place natural enemies to get rid of the invasive species so if humans dealt with this, we would just mess the natural balance of life up, so we will let the animals (natural enemies) get rid of this without chemicals that would kill harmless plants and other animals that are good for our enviroment. :)

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Arielle Dance - Age 12 - Team Blue Panda Bear - From KOREA, SOUTH

The Giant Panda is a bear native to central-western and south western China. It is easily recongized by its distinctive black patches around the eyes, over the ears, and across its round body. Make sure you recongized this mammal before destroying its habitats!

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story


The story continues from this beginning:

An oil spill has struck off the Manabel Island coast on Sarillion! Spec and Tra are hard at work helping keep the animals safe from the oil, but Princess Kimma is getting really frustrated! "I can't believe this happened on my planet! It's not fair!" She's too busy stomping and crying to help save the animals! Can Spec and Tra help her fight off Angry Cloud sickness with a Hope Plant Baby? Write the rest of the story.

Tra, Spec, and Princess Kimma finally beat off Angry Cloud. "Really! What did my planet ever do?!" Princess Kimma said with a lot of remorse and anguish in her voice. Spec didn;t know what to say and just stayed silent, thinking that saying nothing would be for the best. Tra on the other hand thought she should say something. "This is no way for a Princess to behave!" Tra yelled as she pointed at Princess Kimma. "You're a Princess for goodness sake! You should be calm and collected" as Tra said this Spec decided that staying silent was after all a bad idea and lectured Princess Kimma too. Once that was over Princess Kimma thought hard and came to a decsion. "I understand the way i have been acting is unnacceptable" she said "We're lucky we only had to defeat one Angry Cloud". Tra nodded her head in agreement and looked proudly at Princess Kimma. Spec was proud of the Princess too. Then suddenly an animal barked, this brought them back to reality. "I would like to be the last one to end this happy time really, but we really have to save the animals" Spec said as he headed over to the animal that was barking and it turned out to be a coyote. "Ok" Tra and Princess Kimma said in unison as started towards some distressed animals. "Let's do our best to make this the healthiest and happiest planet for animal and humans!" They all yelled merrily. Write Me A Story

Chloe - 10 - CANADA

Shi-shung, a young Chinese boy, peered out to the ocean. Then, a fishing boat appeared on the horizon.

"He's here!" Shi-shung thought.

When the boat dropped anchor, a man in his thirties walked off the boat. It was Shi-shung's father.

"Hello there, sailor!" he cried out to his son.

A toothy grin appeared on Shi-shung's face. Shi-shong climbed aboard the ship. His father took him out sea to fish. Later that day, Shi-shong walked of the River's Stone, the name of the boat, with his eyes lit up like a Christmas Tree. Shi-shung had caught, two trout, eight salmon and a frog he named Bulby.

Then Ka-boom, fireworks appeared in the sky in every color. The father and his son went to the backyard with the rest of the family, and enjoyed the colorful, exploding flowers.

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