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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 21, 2010 - Issue #94  
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Clouds Threaten Kimma's Good Deed Rewards!

In this week's Training Mission, Kimma's good deed rewards continue! It's still possible to earn anywhere from 10 to 100 Virtual Points and Team Points every time you help a friend's Garden-and if you're lucky, you'll get Kimma's special bonus of 2000 points!

The rewards for Team Points continue because word has reached the Royal Palace that Gluttony Cloud and Greedy Cloud have been trying to cause problems in the Idea Seeker Gardens! Greedy Cloud has been creating Warrior Drones out of Idea Seekers and Allies and forcing them to steal other people's food! And he's been using some extra help from Gluttony Cloud to do it as well!

The timing for this Cloud attack couldn't be worse, as Dr. Norm and his Master Idea Seekers have released two new SnapTastic food items: Idea Seekers Raspberries and Idea Seekers Zucchini! Buy them in the 4-H Children's Garden Store today, then head to Tips & Tricks to see what SnapTastic Foods you can make out of them!

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