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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   July 21, 2010 - Issue #94  
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Greedy Cloud and Gluttony Cloud

About an Idea Seeker - Greedy Cloud and Gluttony Cloud

The Clouds sure do love to interrupt our scheduled interviews! We were planning to talk to Dumonde about the new plants available in the Idea Seekers Gardens, but Greedy and Gluttony Cloud showed up instead! Sigh...let's see what it is they want...

All right, Clouds... we know you're just trying to make us angry by messing up our interview with Dumonde, but we're not going to bite. Could you just tell us where Dumonde is?

Gluttony Cloud: Why would we ever want to make someone angry? That's Angry Cloud's job, and he's not here! Hahahaha! Here, have a candy bar.

Um, no thanks. I just ate. So where's Dumonde?

Greedy Cloud: Hmmm, last time I saw him, I believe Darmind was heading toward Spec and Tra's gardens to grab all their plants! I can't imagine why he'd be so...GREEDY! Haha!

His name is Dumonde, not "Darmid" or whatever you said. And are you saying you infected him with Greedy Cloud sickness? Shame on you!

Greedy Cloud: Why, I'm not saying I did anything! OK, maybe Derwood-


Greedy Cloud: Eh, whoever he is, he MAY have had some sort of mist over his head, but I'm not saying I had anything to do with it. He was pretty far down the street! It could have been Gluttony Cloud!

Gluttony Cloud: Oh, sure, go blaming everything on me, just because I have this huge bag of sweets with me and I've been clouding Idea Seekers and Allies all day. Hahaha! Boy, it sure is easy to keep people from eating healthy food from their Gardens when I have all these chocolate bars and sweets right here!

Look, did you just come here to gloat? Because we-

Gluttony Cloud: pretty much, yes.

Well, if you'll excuse us, we have much better things to do than get mad at you guys. We have a phone call to make, for one thing.

Greedy Cloud: Oh yeah, to who?

Princess Kimma, of course. She's an Idea Seeker Reminder. If anyone can cure Dumonde, she can!

Gluttony Cloud: Hey! You can't do that! No fair! Gimme that phone!

Um, no? Make us!

Greedy Cloud: Argh! It's no use, Gluttony Cloud! We'd better go find Drummond before that annoying Kimma does!

*Sigh* His name is Dumonde, and good luck with that.

At that point the Clouds ran out of the room. We'll have an update for you on Dumonde's condition in the next issue, hopefully!

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