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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 4, 2010 - Issue #95  
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Farmer's Market opens in Villach Village!

A new Farmer's Market has opened in the village next to the Manabel Island Beach! Now Idea Seekers and Allies alike can take the food items they grow in their Gardens to market and sell them to earn Virtual Points! Residents of Sarillion can also buy harvested food items and use them to make SnapTastic™ Foods.

"There are so many reasons why a Farmer's Market is necessary on Manabel Island," said King Daveau. "Since it's an island, any food that is not grown right on the island has to be shipped in from other parts of the planet. That can use a lot of fossil fuels! If the people of the island grow their own food and sell it to each other at the market, that keeps the local economy flowing with Virtual Points, and saves energy! Everyone wins!"

Stop by the Farmer's Market and see what your customers are interested in buying! And here's a tip-Kimma, Spec and Dr. Norm have been spotted shopping at the Farmer's Market! Stop by, sell some food, and who knows who might stop by to buy!

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