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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 4, 2010 - Issue #95  
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About an Idea Seeker - Dumonde

Dumonde, last issue we tried to talk to you and were sidelined by Greedy Cloud and Gluttony Cloud. How are you feeling now?

(laughs) Much better, thanks! Ugg, Spec wasn't exactly happy when he found me stealing all the vegetables out of his Garden. Gluttony Cloud really got a hold on me!

How did he do it?

Gluttony Cloud can strike at your weakest, when you're really hungry. I hadn't eaten all day because I was busy working on a solar-powered alarm clock...

Wait-a solar-powered alarm clock?

Sure, why not?

Don't most people turn their alarms on at night?

Technically speaking, sure, but it's not like the clock is turned off in the daytime, you know?

OK, good point. So anyway, then what happened?

Well, I was going to walk the clock over to Spec's house to test it, but he wasn't home! And I hadn't eaten all day, and there was his garden, all full of apples and raspberries and tomatoes...lesson learned: eat snacks while working! (laughs)

Well, we're glad you're feeling better now. What cleared your head?

A Balance Plant Baby always helps, but I'll tell you-nothing scares away Gluttony Cloud sickness like a stomach ache from eating too much!

Ha! Good point. Well thanks for stopping by Dumonde! We're glad you're feeling better.

Thanks! If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go plant some veggies in my OWN Garden now!

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