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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   August 18, 2010 - Issue #96  
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Proud Cloud Makes a Mess yet Again

Once again, recyclable trash is showing up all over Sarillion! Idea Seekers and Allies all over the planet are starting to wonder if the Clouds of Chaos will ever learn their lesson and give it up. Reports have been coming in from the Persistence Hedge Maze that Proud Cloud has been spotted there, creating Warrior Drones by convincing Idea Seekers and Allies to throw their trash wherever they want, with no regard for others!

Idea Seeker Spec was quoted as saying the following: "That purple powder puff is never going to learn, is he? Looks like it's time for everyone to power up their Humor Plant Babies and head to the Maze! Fortunately King Daveau set up this week's Training Mission to take place there. The Maze will be crawling with Idea Seekers and Plant Babies ready to make a difference! I just wonder why Proud Cloud tried something that they've tried so many times before? It's so obvious!"

Good question, Spec! The Sarillion Monitor will keep tabs on the Clouds' activities as closely as possible, as we always do!

Sarillion Monitor

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