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King Daveau

About an Idea Seeker - King Daveau

King Daveau, tell us a little bit about the new plants on sale for our Idea Seekers Gardens. You've added raspberries, zucchini, kale and bananas in the last two months. Why?

My wife, Queen Keyara, learned a saying from Kimma's friend Dumonde. Apparently they say on Earth, "variety is the spice of life?" We've learned about so many interesting plants and foods from our Master Idea Seeker friends on Earth that we want to make as many of them available as possible!

So why bananas and kale this time?

Kimma's become obsessed with smoothies-she wakes up every morning and runs straight to the kitchen and grabs the blender! Unfortunately that usually results in blended fruit spraying all over the place when she forgets to put the cap on the blender, but never mind that! We still want to give her some options, and give the Idea Seekers and Allies some more fun smoothie options too! With bananas, kale, and oranges, you can make a fun colorful green smoothie that's incredibly healthy! And it's green! How fun!

Any other new plants lined up?

We have two more scheduled for next month. I can't really give away too much right now, because we want them to be a surprise, but I'll say one thing-one of them will be a flower that you can eat!

What? A flower you can eat? That sounds really weird!

It sounds weird, but it tastes delicious! And it's good for you! But we'll get into that next month.

Sounds good, King Daveau! Thanks for stopping by.

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