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About an Idea Seeker - Tra

Tra, we understand you and Spec are busy hunting down Sloth Cloud as the school year approaches. Is that correct?

Whew! You know it! We're Cloud Hunters, so Cloud hunting is what we do! Haha! We recently had a near run-in with Sloth Cloud, actually?

Really? Tell us about it!

Oh man, it was something! We were hanging out with Dumonde. And if there's one person we know who'd be really psyched for school to start, it'd be Dumonde, right? But he was totally sulking! When I asked him what was wrong, he said he didn't want to go back to school in a week, because he wanted to spend all his time on his own projects!

Well, he said he wanted to work, right? Doesn't sound like Sloth Cloud to us...

Well, no, but! When we asked him if we could see what he'd been working on, he showed us his design for a solar-powered mulcher for his parents. But it was the same one he showed us at the beginning of the summer! He hadn't done any work on it yet! That's how we knew there was trouble. When Dumonde doesn't want to do anything, you know Sloth Cloud's stronger than usual!

Wow, that is pretty serious.

I know, right? I wanted to Waba-Kick the first blue cloud I saw, but as usual, Spec reminded me to be patient (and reminded me of my Patience Plant Babies!) and formed a plan. We confronted Dumonde about his lie, but talked to him about it with a Persistence Plant Baby along for the chat. Sometimes sitting down and talking things out works way better than fighting! Dumonde realized he wasn't himself and snapped right back to normal. And I'm judging by the disembodied voice yelling "CURSES!" that we heard down the hall that Sloth Cloud wasn't very happy! Hahahaha!

Nice work Tra! So, any advice for Idea Seekers or Allies to avoid Sloth Cloud as school starts?

Keep those Persistence Plant Babies powered up! They're your helpers for a reason; they're great motivators and will keep Sloth Cloud at bay. And if you do start to feel tired of schoolwork, talk to your friends or parents! If you all band together and support each other, there's no way Sloth Cloud will be able to make you all warrior drones! Work together and you can accomplish anything!

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