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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Reann Fanga - Age 14 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

The Patrol Police should make sure the trash doesn't go on the animal's habiat because we already made some animals disappear from the world and we should make sure the future genrations after us will see the beauty of animals.
But to that we need to STOP POLLUTING and START RECYCLING!
Or else our animals of the world will disappear more and more till there's no more animal left. Without animals the world will be in total chaos! So please take care of nature. Thank you and good luck.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Lauren Ruths - Age 10 - Team Blue Coyote - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA)

a coyote is a wolflike wild dog that is native to north america. Also called Brush wolf or Prairie Wolf. Canis latrans is it'sLatin name. Coyotes are endangered animals so we must fight for them. Find out what you can do to help the coyotes. Just look how cute they are! We have to fight back against the killing of these dog-like animals.

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

liz skins - 15 - AUSTRALIA

The story continues from this beginning:

Skeeter and Riley are hanging out in the Persistence Hedge Maze playing hide and seek when they run into Dumonde throwing trash everywhere! He's not only throwing his own trash on the ground, but he's dumping trash cans out next to the statue of Persistence Plant Baby! "Dumonde, stop! What's with you?" Skeeter asks. "Pssh--I don't have to tell you," Dumonde says. Why is Dumonde making such a mess? Is Proud Cloud to blame? Could a Humor Plant Baby help the situation? Write the rest of the story.

once apon a time there was two best friends called Skeeter and Riley, one day they decided to hang out in the Persistence Hedge Maze playing hide and seek when all of a sudden they ran into Dumonde trowing trash cans out next to the statue of Persistence Plant Baby! "Dumonde, what do you think your doing? Stop!" Skeeter asked. "pssh-i can do whatever i want and i dont have to stop cause a little kid tells me to stop!" Dumonde said. Why is Dumonde making such a big mess at such a nice place? Riley saw that Liz skins was walking down the pathway and she was walking her Humor Plant Baby. "Liz can we have the help of you Humor Plant Baby?" said Riley. "yes of course" Liz said. as Humor Plant Baby made Dumonde laugh you could see that he wasnt troughing as manying trash cans. "im sorry i will clean this mess up and pay for any demage" Said Dumonde "we will help thats what friends are for" said Skeeter. "thanks FRIENDS" said Dumonde happyly.
THE END Write Me A Story

Kishalan - 13 - NEW ZEALAND

Tom, the clerk of a big toy store, was tired. He had a very tiresome day and was planning to leave when a man came in.

"Sorry to bother you, but my son needs some school supplies," said the man.

"We only sell toys here, not school supplies," said the clerk.

"Yes I know that, but my son is a primary school student and he is learning about money, so I came here to buy a toy cash register."

Tom took the money and was about to pack the register when a lady entered. She came for the same reason, but to buy something else. Soon a lot of people were in the shop to buy school supplies. After they left Tom waited for some time to see if anyone else would appear. Nobody came. Tom let a sigh of relief and was about to leave when a man entered. It was the same man who came there before.

He said, "Hello again, but the toy you have sold me is not a cash register,"

Soon more people appeared and said the same thing.

"Oh not again!" wailed poor Tom as he started packing and unpacking again.

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