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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 15, 2010 - Issue #98  
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Proud Cloud Attacks Kapokville!

Proud Cloud is on the warpath! He has attacked and clouded the city of Kapokville, which has been doing a lot to reduce greenhouse gasses-using solar, water, and wind power to light most of the city, and supporting locally-grown produce in order to save on fuel costs required to bring produce in from elsewhere! But no longer, as Proud Cloud has convinced some townspeople that they don't have to work to make changes, since everyone else in the city is. Suddenly, no one in the town is working to make the city better!

"Making your community better is a group effort," said King Daveau in a statement. "When everyone thinks that someone else will do the work necessary to clean up their town, suddenly no one is doing it! Let's fight back and show Proud Cloud that Idea Seekers and Allies won't stand for this selfishness!"

King Daveau has declared a new Training Mission dedicated to fighting Proud Cloud! Power up your Plant Babies and earn those Team Points!

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