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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 15, 2010 - Issue #98  
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About an Idea Seeker - Varee, Skeeter's Persistence Plant Baby

Varee, when we talked to you last year, you were busy fighting Sloth Cloud as, like always, he tries to cause problems when it's back to school time. Have you been dealing with Sloth Cloud this year too?

A Persistence Plant Baby's work is never done! Or at least, we never get tired of doing it! Haha! Yes, Skeeter and I were very busy during this last Training mission, and we're going to be working hard on the next one against Proud Cloud too! Fighting the Clouds is a daily job for me!

How do you help Skeeter to fight off the Clouds on a daily basis?

Skeeter powers me up before he practices his saxophone. He knows that Sloth Cloud is always willing to convince you that there are better things to do than work, but Skeeter is determined to be the best sax player he can be! So he keeps me powered up so I can encourage him and give him feedback. And I love it! I get down and dance to his funky jazz!

So how will you help fight Proud Cloud during the current Training Mission?

Skeeter's going to be hard at work Powering the Tower in The Tech Museum, and I'll be there to help! He also will be powering me up to help cure Proud Cloud Warrior Drones for the next two weeks. It's going to be a challenge, but Persistence Plant Babies love a challenge! I hope all your readers own a Persistence Plant Baby of their own. I don't want to sound too proud, because then *I* might get Proud Cloud sickness, but Persistence Plant Babies are the BEST! Hahaha!

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