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Check out some of the best stories of the week, submitted by kids just like you! Write your own stories in this week's challenges.

Animal Adventure Comment of the Week

Roland Rayas - Age 8 - From AUSTRALIA

we should get people to buy land and make wetlands and then catch frogs,bullfrogs and toads that were driven out of there homes then put them in the wetland that they built and then make a fence so other people can't dump their rubbish there.

Team Animal Fact of the Week

Fabien Sunflower - Age 13 - From SRI LANKA

This is a fun fact that i didn't know! I'm sharing it with this team. The koala Bears make a growling sound when they are angry so the makers of the film Jurassic Park used this sound for some dinosaurs! cool huh?

Idea Seeker Write Me A Story

Julita Rabbi - 12 - CAMBODIA

The story continues from this beginning:

Tra is shopping at the farmer's market in Villach Village. She likes to buy food that is grown locally because it helps the environment. Food grown far away would have to be driven in a truck to her city and that adds to pollution. She sees that Skeeter has a food stand, so she walks over to buy some food from him, only to see that Skeeter's prices are ridiculously high! "I need a new saxophone, so I need money fast!" says Skeeter. "But no one's buying my food! I'm so annoyed!" Greedy Cloud's gotten to Skeeter! What should Tra do? Write the rest of the story.

"But if you sell this expensive, nobody is gonna buy it. What if you just sell it cheaper, so you can earn the money faster?
Think about the environment, that is why I come here. Don't also keep thinking of SAXOPHONE!!" said Tra.
But still Skeeter won't lower his price.
"I really need my new Saxophone, brand one. Come on and buy something from me, I really need money in urgent!!" said Skeeter.
"Okay now just to help you out, I would like to have an apple. I offer 2500 VP," offered Tra, trying to help Skeeter.
But Skeeter said he wanted 100239 VP. The lowest price he could offer was 5454 VP.
"Okay Skeeter, I am not gonna spend that lots of VP just for that. It is too high, that is why no one comes to buy from you. You know, we can plant ourselves also?" explained Tra, "Now how much is your new Saxophone? What is so important about it?"
Skeeter told Tra that his new saxophone will cost him 100000VP.
"What the!" cried Tra.
"You know money can be earned any time. Now you should sell your plants cheaper, and why don't you help the garden or play mission to earn more VP rather than selling it expensive like this?" said Tra.
"Stop it! I am not foolish to listen to you!"
"I am just telling you to be good, Skeeter. I didn't mean anything else. Okay lets say maximum money for apple is 4000 VP or what?"
"But it took me days to harvest these, so I should get more expensive," shouted Skeeter.
"Still everyone can do it. And plus, I don't want everybody to get sick by Proud Cloud like you. And you know, not only you are selling these apples, most of us also do. So we all have many choices. Think about it again, if you lower down your price, many customers will come to you and you'll earn a lot."
First time Skeeter couldn't still understand it, but at last he got rid of PROUD CLOUD and listened to Tra's advice. Write Me A Story

Claire - 13 - UNITED KINGDOM

"Come on gran, we're gonna miss the coach."

So my gran and I ran out the house with our back-packs, jumped on the coach, and sat down at the front. When we got off the coach we were standing under a sign that read, "Zoo-Mania". I didn't even take one step through the gate and there was a black metal pole blocking my bulging chest from accelerating. It was the Zoo Keeper. He was gorgeous and familiar. He looked around my age, eighteen, just a year older than me. He was Jack, from my English class. We talked about three or four times. At school we had spent two lunch times together; I liked it.

"Ticket please," he winked at me and gave me a smile with the most adorable dimples. I couldn't help smiling, and this turned my cheeks red. How embarrassing! So I quickly flashed the ticket to him and I rushed past him, my face almost popped with blush.

Thirty minutes later, my Gran got tired and went home. I stayed and went to the monkey section. I loved monkeys. They were so cute. Suddenly one of them escaped the cage, and a flying monkey went gliding above my head. I was laughing, and then it looked at me. Uh oh! Now I was running I'm not a very fast runner, and it was chasing after me. Running behind one of the caravans, I bashed into someone.

"Oh," the voice said.

"Oh I'm so sorry," I replied.

"Don't worry beautiful, you can bash into me any day."

I giggled. "It's very nice to see you again Jack," I said. "Now if you don't mind there is a..."

I stopped talking because I noticed that Jack was pointing now, I turned around to find that he was pointing at the flying monkey. He grabbed my hand tight so that I couldn't let go, and neither could he. I liked it.

We ran until Jack came to a halt at one of the caravans. He opened the door and entered after he made sure I was in. He stood guard at the window. "It's gone," He said. "You're freezing," He wrapped his arms around me. He whispered, "This might be an awkward time but I never, got the chance to tell you that... I like you Jessie."

I was in shock. I liked him too and answered, "Ditto, Jack."

"It's time for my shift again, I can't be late," Jack said.

I headed for the door. "Wait!" Jack pulled on my arm, and handed me a stuffed monkey.

We both giggled, I thought it was hilarious.

"I'll see you at school then," he said.

"Yes... you will," I replied.

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