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The Idea Seeker Digital Newspaper   September 29, 2010 - Issue #99  
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New foods for your Idea Seekers Garden!

Wow! FIVE new SnapTastic Food Items are on sale in the 4-H Children's Garden Store starting this week! Head to the store and find chard, watercress (it's a plant that grows in water! What?), turnips, arugula (rocket greens!), and peas! And each one can be used to make a NEW SnapTastic Food! Check the recipe book in your SnapTastic Kitchen to learn more!

Play SnapTastic™ Snack Slinger!

There's a NEW SnapTastic game to play on KidsCom.com! Play Snaptastic Snack Slinger, where you run a healthy snack bar and have to keep your customers happy by filling their orders correctly. Each customer will identify what they want, and you have to match enough orders to earn money before the time runs out! The foods in each order always have something in common-check out what the customers say to find out what it is! The SnapTastic Snack Slinger is a great way to fight Gluttony Cloud, and it's part of this week's Training Mission!

   Sarillion Monitor

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