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Issue 114
Princess Kimma is back on Sarillion

Issue 113
Sarillion Celebrates with Garden Parties

Issue 112
The Darkness Bribing His Clouds?

Issue 111
The Darkness contemplates his next move

Issue 110
Flood on the Beach! Is Jealousy Cloud responsible?

Issue 109
Princess Kimma Cured!

Issue 108
Princess Kimma Clouded by Proud Cloud?

Issue 107
What's Happening in the Idea Seeker Universe

Issue 106
What's this? A ski hill at the Waterfall?!?

Issue 105
Welcome to the Month of Hope!

Issue 104
Have a Month of Joy Party in Your House!

Issue 103
Celebrate the Month of Joy!

Issue 102
It's a Gratitude Feast on the Beach!

Issue 101
Time for the Turkey Day Super Supper Search!

Issue 100
Skeeter cured just in time for Halloween!

Issue 99
Skeeter's in Trouble Again!

Issue 98
Proud Cloud Attacks Kapokville!

Issue 97
Back to School means the Month of Persistence!

Issue 96
Proud Cloud Makes a Mess yet Again

Issue 95
Farmer's Market opens in Villach Village!

Issue 94
Clouds Threaten Kimma's Good Deed Rewards!

Issue 93
Kimma's Good Deed Reward Program!

Issue 92
Clouds Continue to Attack During Oil Spill

Issue 91
Oil Spill off Manabel Island! Angry Cloud causes chaos!

Issue 90
Gluttony Cloud won't go away!

Issue 89
Riley needs your Help!

Issue 88
Jealousy Cloud keeps attacking Gardens

Issue 87
Idea Seekers Gardens sprout all over Sarillion!

Issue 86
Sloth Cloud Making a Mess on Sarillion!

Issue 85
King Daveau's Garden Announcement!

Issue 84
Sloth Cloud Continues the Fight!

Issue 83
Spec attempts Solar Car!

Issue 82
Happy Birthday Princess Kimma!

Issue 81
King Daveau and Queen Keyara return!

Issue 80
Kimma Clouded by Angry Cloud; King and Queen Missing!

Issue 79
Clouds of Chaos try to ruin Month of Joy!

Issue 78
It's the Month of Joy Once Again!

Issue 77
It's the Month of Gratitude!

Issue 76
Angry Cloud Attacks the Animals!

Issue 75
Angry Cloud still affecting Kimma!

Issue 74
It's the Month of Patience on Sarillion!

Issue 73
Desire Cloud Stealing Idea Seeker Memberships!

Issue 72
Proud Cloud is on a rampage!

Issue 71
Check out the new The Legendary Starfy™ Aquarium!

Issue 70
WowWee Alive™ Care Center Opens on Washi!

Issue 69
Greedy Cloud strikes as Summer hits Sarillion!

Issue 68
Princess Kimma Announced News

Issue 67
Idea Seekers set up Home Pages on!

Issue 66
Idea Seeker Diplomats Make New Friends in the Idea Seeker Universe!

Issue 65
Proud Cloud Causing Pollution on Sarillion!

Issue 64
Clouds Threaten Super Snacks!

Issue 63
Drought at the Waterfall!

Issue 62
Kimma Redecorates for Valentine's Day fun!

Issue 61
Give a Valentine's Day Gift to the Animals!

Issue 60
New and Improved Palace Courtyard Opens!

Issue 59
Happy New Year from the Royal Palace and!

Issue 58
It's the Month of Joy!

Issue 57
Gluttony Cloud Threatens Palace Feast!

Issue 56
November is the Month of Gratitude on Sarillion!

Issue 55
Greedy Cloud up to no Good During Trick-or-Treating!

Issue 54
Angry Cloud trying to ruin Halloween on Sarillion!

Issue 53
King Daveau Thanks all Idea Seekers and Allies!

Issue 52
Hurricane Strikes the Beach!

Issue 51
New Role Uniforms now available for Idea Seekers AND Allies!

Issue 50
Animal Adventure part of this week's Training Mission!

Issue 49
Are the Clouds Targeting Wetlands?

Issue 48
Angry Cloud Starting Arguments-Arm Yourself With Facts!

Issue 47
Sloth Cloud's Attacks Send Cloud Hunters Undercover

Issue 46
Sloth Cloud's Actions Spark New Training Mission!

Issue 45
Recent Cloud Activity Results in New Training Mission and new Plant Baby Playhouses From King Daveau!

Issue 44
King Daveau's Training Missions Begin This Week!

Issue 43
Greedy Cloud's Attack Wipes Out Team Records!

Issue 42
Flood Waters Recede! King Daveau Thanks Idea Seekers and Allies

Issue 41
Hurricane Hits the Beach-Sarillion Fights Flooding!

Issue 40
Team Pink Panda Bear Reporting for ISNN ON LOCATION this weekend!

Issue 39
Idea Seeker Adventure in Washington, DC!

Issue 38
Congratulations to Team Pink Panda Bear!

Issue 37
King Daveau Thanks Idea Seekers for Saving Sarillion Day!

Issue 36
Angry Cloud Still on the Move-Sarillion Day still in Jeopardy

Issue 35
The Darkness grows desperate, sends Angry Cloud to foil Sarillion Day

Issue 34
Idea Seekers fight back against Greedy Cloud-The Darkness sends Sloth Cloud.

Issue 33
Drought Strikes Sarillion! Waterfall Dries Up; Greedy Cloud to blame

Issue 32
Calling all Idea Seekers and Allies! King Daveau announces a new Team Challenge!

Issue 31
Team Challenge 2 Winners in California this weekend!

Issue 30
Idea Seekers Gearing Up for the On Location!

Issue 29
Team Red Fox Wins the Team Challenge!

Issue 28
King Daveau Extends His Thanks!

Issue 27
The Darkness Keeps Up the Fight - Algae Blooms Continue to Spread

Issue 26
Manabel Island Waterfall Opens - Immediately Hit With Algae Bloom!

Issue 25
Algae Blooms appearing in Sarillion Oceans - Is the Darkness to Blame?

Issue 24
Clouds of Chaos Mystifying The Unsuspecting to Become Warrior Drones - You Can Help!

Issue 23
Join the Adventure - Accept the Team Challenge!

Issue 22
Diplomat Chambers Open House

Issue 21
Cloud Hunter Headquarters Open House

Issue 20
How Well Do You Disguise Yourself from the Clouds?

Issue 19
Go Undercover in Halloween Costumes

Issue 18
Secret Message Center

Issue 17
Shields Removed so Idea Seekers Can Go Undercover

Issue 16
Congratulations to the Winners of the Adventures of the Idea Seekers: Team Challenge 1

Issue 15
Team Challenge New York Trip Winners Announced Next Week

Issue 14
Angry Cloud has Limited Success. Will the Darkness of Dumbness Send Other Clouds?

Issue 13
The Darkness Dispatches Angry Cloud - What Will Happen Next?

Issue 12
Proud Cloud Has Limited Success. The Darkness Has Dispatched Another Cloud

Issue 11
Proud Cloud Attacks Sarillion! Countless Pleethars are Confused!

Issue 10
The Attack on Sarillion is Coming Soon!

Issue 9
Idea Seekers Discover new Plot by the Darkness of Dumbness!

Issue 8
Kimma's Care Shop to Fight Climate Change

Issue 7
Sarillion's Climate Crisis!

Issue 6
Now Open for Exploration!

Issue 5
Step Into the Idea Seeker Universe

Issue 4
A Room Of Your Own

Issue 3
The Inside Scoop on the latest Idea Seeker Stuff

Issue 2
An Idea Seeker Store Success Story

Issue 1
Washi Amusement Park Opens Its Doors

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