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Learn how to earn KidsKash points
Every registered KidsCom Club kid can get some great loot by earning KidsKash Points and saving them up. You can earn KidsKash anytime you see this star next to one of the activities on KidsCom.

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Games and Activities To Earn KidsKash Points
Spec and Tra's Space Junk Blaster
Max KidsKash: 20
Complete all three missions of this space action game. Then, print out and send in the form to earn 20 KidsKash Points.
Dumonde GPS
Max KidsKash: 10
Every two weeks
Figure out where Dumonde is by using clues to pinpoint the country, city and landmark he's visiting somewhere in the world.
Spec and Tra
Action Adventure Series

Max KidsKash: 7
Each adventure once
With each new adventure you can earn points with intergalactic super-heroes, Spec and Tra in their intergalactic adventures.
Super Hangman
Max KidsKash: 11
Each game, every two weeks
Play two different types of Hangman—Riley's Turbo Hangman and Kimma's Magical Hangman!
GamePad Challenge
Max KidsKash: 10
Every month
Spec and Tra pick a tough spot in a video game each week for different game systems. You send in your solution and from all the kids who solve the challenge, winners are randomly selected.
Animals of The World
Max KidsKash: 10
Every 2 weeks
Figure out the secret animal based on clues and pictures. There are lots of fun facts! Remember, there are lots of Animal games, but only the one with the star is worth KidsKash Points!
Iggey and Rasper's
Internet Safety Game

Max KidsKash: 10 to 25
Figure out word games and earn 10 KidsKash Points. If you print out the form at the end of the game and send it in, you'll get a bonus 15 KidsKash points.
KidsKash Questions
Max KidsKash: 5 to 10
Speak out and be heard by answering the latest KidsKash Questions. You can earn points once for each set of questions.
Concentration Game
Max KidsKash: 20
Challenge yourself by playing these tough games. You can only earn points by playing each game once, but there are 10 games worth 2 KidsKash Points each.

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