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Are you having trouble with Write Me a Story? Check out these answers to some frequently asked questions for help.

How does Write Me a Story work?
Each week we challenge you to write a story with the character, prop and place we give you. You send it in, KidsCom Kids vote on their favorites and the work of two kids from each age group end up in Stunningly Stupendous Stories every week. (Click here for more details)

How long can my story be?
As long or short as you want.

How many stories are picked each week?
Five stories from each age group are randomly selected each week for placement in the Ballot Box. Two stories with the most votes from each age group are placed in Stunningly Stupendous Stories.

Who picks the stories?
The KidsCom Staff randomly selects the stories which are placed in the Ballot Box. KidsCom Kids vote for the ones to land a spot in Stunningly Stupendous Stories.

How can I get my story in Stunningly Stupendous Stories?
First it needs to be selected by the KidsCom Staff for placement in the Ballot Box area. Then your story would need to be the story from one of the two age groups that receives the most votes. Then it would be showcased on the Stunningly Stupendous Stories page.

When does the character, place and prop change?
The character, place and prop change every Wednesday. (We do our best to stay on schedule.)

Does my story have to be 500 words?
No, your story does not have to be 500 words long. It can be as short or as long as you want.

Can I enter more than one story each week?
Yes, you can enter as many stories as you want each week.

How are the stories picked?
The KidsCom Staff makes its selections randomly each week but looks for originality, creativity and how the character, prop and place are woven into the story. And remember we want to read what you have to say, not someone else's ideas.

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