The Ad Bug Partners with Hunger Task Force to Launch "Turkey Day Super Supper Search", November 2010

A New Type of Garden Grows This Spring - A Virtual Garden that Helps Kids Learn About Nutrition and Gardening as a Way to Connect with Real Gardens and Healthier Eating Choices, April 2010

The Virtual Universe at Makes Finding Virtual Worlds Easier for Families, July 2009

What Motivates Kids - A Panel of Kids Tell All at Engage Expo NYC, March 2009

Kid Reporters Descend on CES in Search of Newest Green Technology, January 2009

Real World and Virtual World Meet at The Field Museum, July 2008

4 Kids Will Represent 1.25 Million More During Earth Day Events in Washington D.C., April 2008

Kids Taking an Active Role in Learning about Global Climate Change and Human Behavior Changes, October 2007 Launches Online Game Focused on Climate Change, May 2007

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